Teenage Depression: Common Causes You Should Watch Out For

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Sadly, the number of teenagers dealing with depression is rapidly increasing. Many of your child's troubling activities could largely be stemmed from a bout of depression. Severe depression can, unfortunately, lead to suicide, which is why it is crucial that you as a parent know what the common causes of teenage depression are so that you can proactively intervene when necessary. The following are some common causes of depression in teenagers:

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure has been around for years and has not slowed down, sadly. Teenagers are at an age in which they want to be accepted socially and will do different things to fit into social groups. Teens believe that submitting to peer pressure can help them become popular with those they desire to spend time with. This peer pressure can include underage drinking, drug use, or trying dangerous experimental behaviors. Kids who give in to peer pressure often know what they are doing is not right, which causes them to have conflicts in their minds. This can lead to depression.

Teenage Romance Issues

When kids grow into teenagers, romance and relationships are one of the biggest things on the forefronts of their minds. These relationships will grow in importance and become a major part of their lives. Sadly, many teenage relationships end and can result in heartbreak. Some heartbreak is so bad that it can lead to bouts of depression. If you notice your teenager seemingly withdrawn for a long period of time after a breakup, it is time to seek professional help.

Poor Self-Esteem

The teenage years are a difficult time in life. During this time, the body continues to change and morph into something that is unrecognizable to kids. Hormones begin to shift and can create turmoil on the physical and mental state of teens. Many times, a teenager can lose his or her self-esteem during adolescence. This can happen for many reasons, from physical changes to a shift in how they feel about life. A teen's mental state is quite fragile during these times and it is important for parents to be on the lookout for any depressive behaviors.


Neglect is awful for any child but can be particularly upsetting for teenagers. During adolescence, many teens want to become more independent, but they still need love and guidance from a parent or parental figure. When that relationship is not there and a parent neglects a teen, it can result in serious depressive behaviors.

With depression, some teens will become more withdrawn while others will begin to act out in a poor or dangerous manner. If you suspect depression in your teen, it is crucial to get them into a quality program with physicians for help. Reach out to a professional for more information about troubled youth treatments today.