Are You Seeking Help For An Opiate Addiction Relapse? 3 Tips To Prepare For Your Visit To An Ibogaine Treatment Center In Mexico

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Many people take several tries before they find the treatment that helps them overcome an opiate addiction. In the past, you may have tried other methods that involved struggling through excruciating withdrawal symptoms. Now you are ready to try ibogaine, which has been making waves as a potential way to end your addiction.

It is first important to understand what ibogaine is and how it works for addiction. Ibogaine is a substance that has been used for years for its psychoactive properties, and the current belief is that it can help ease withdrawal symptoms so that you enjoy a better beginning to your addiction recovery. Since it has psychoactive properties, many people also report going through an experience that changes their mindset. As you get ready to go to an ibogaine treatment center in Mexico, you can use these tips to prepare for the best possible experience.

Start by Making Your Travel Plans

Ibogaine treatment is usually a multiday experience. Although the ibogaine is typically administered once on a specific day, you will likely spend several days engaged in prep work and post-treatment counseling. Therefore, you may need to make arrangements for time off of work or school. You may also need to arrange for child care. Once you've made your travel plans, check to find out what documents you need to cross the border such as a passport or birth certificate so that you can be sure to have them on hand.

Prepare for the Potential Visionary Experience

The immediate effects of ibogaine include the cessation of withdrawal symptoms, which is one reason why people prefer this treatment. However, a large majority of people also report going through what feels like a psychedelic trip. For most people, this becomes a visionary experience in which they work through things such as past trauma and guilt. You can also trust that the staff at the ibogaine center in Mexico will guide you through this process to make sure that it is a positive experience.

Expect to Make Further Plans for Your Recovery

Ibogaine helps to get your recovery journey off to the best possible start, but it is still not a cure. During the final days of your stay, you will work with the treatment team to make a plan for your future recovery. This may consist of things such as post-treatment counseling that you can continue after you return home to help you stay sober.