ADHD Treatment Options In Adults

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If you are an adult who has recently been diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, you may feel a little odd about your diagnosis since ADHD is usually diagnosed in children. You may have been silently struggling for years, constantly feeling like you have to work harder than the people around you to be productive. Fortunately, now that you are diagnosed, you can start to get some help. There are several different treatment options for ADHD. In fact, most doctors recommend that you use multiple different treatments due to the fact that together they have the best outcomes. Some ADHD treatment options are as follows.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy is commonly prescribed for people who struggle with ADHD. Talking through your thought processes with a trained professional can help you to understand why you do certain things, along with how to overcome your challenges. For example, imagine that you are a student who frequently gets distracted when you try to do schoolwork on your phone or computer. Your counselor may encourage you to block certain social media websites during select periods of the day so that you can get your work done. Understanding why you do things can help you to make productive changes. 


There are several medications that can help you to focus more. Most of these include stimulants that will help your mind to quiet down a bit. It can sometimes be challenging to find the medication and dosage that will work best for you, but close contact with your doctor will help you to work through any kinks you have. 

Organizational Strategies

As an adult with ADHD, you may need to set up a framework of organizational strategies to keep you focused and moving forward. For example, you may need to use a written calendar as well as a calendar with alarms on your electronic devices. This double system will help you to make sure you have a clear plan for each day. 

In conclusion, there is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about in finding out that you have ADHD. The truth is that this is how your mind works. The strategies above are tools you can choose to use in order to get more out of your days and to help your mind focus more on tasks at hand. The choice to use these tools is entirely up to you. Talk to your doctor if you want more information about the tools at your disposal.